About me


My name is Gabriele Stazi and I’m a Costume designer and Costume maker based in Italy.

I’m a driven professional with more then twenty years experience in costume production and design with exceptional eye for details and unparalleled troubleshooting ability; Deep knowledge of various time periods within the entertainment arts including historical, fantasy, action/adventure and futuristic styles. I have a strong knowledge of videogame culture, comics and live action roleplay.


-“Romulus 2″ Grøenlandia, Sky 2021-2022
Leatherworker, costumer, armors maker

-“That Dirty Black Bag” Palomar, 2020-2021
Leather costume maker:  western belts, holsters and accessories.

-“Dall’Altrove” Short, 2021, Ipazia Prod.
Production Designer

-“DA SEMPRE” Docu-Fiction, 2020,  ACUME
Costume designer and Production Designer

-“Senza Mare” Commercial, 2020, ACUME
Costume designer and Production Designer

-“Romulus” Grøenlandia, Sky 2020
Leatherworker, armors maker

-“The Witcher” Netflix, 2019
Costume exhibition supervisor, costume exhibitions (Italy, Spain)

-“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales” Disney, 2017
Leather costume maker: Design and produce various leather accessories ( belts, bandoleers, scabbards, holsters, and hand-tooled hats trimmings)

-“Cape ’n’ Cowl” Warner Bros. 2017
Costume Designer, Batman costume

-“Ben Hur” MGM, 2016
Leather costume maker: chariot racers armors,  various accessories.

-“L’impossibile” Litfiba, Music Video, Warner Bros\Chapel, 2016
Costume Designer and Vehicles Designer.

-Gardaland, Merlin Entertainments, 2016
Costume Designer, Pirate Adventure and Post-apocalyptic show.

-Puy Du Fou, France 2016
Designed and Constructed variety of historical costume for the Vikings and Gallic shows

-“Far From the Madding Crowd” FOX, 2015
Leather costume maker: leading actors leather accessories.

-Lucca Comics and Games , 2014 – Ongoing
Costume Consultant and supervisor for the biggest Comics Convention Worldwide.

-“Diaz, Don’t Clean Up This Blood” Fandango, 2012
Costumer, Costume Dpt. helper

-“1812” Short, 2012 Director: Giacomo Gabrielli
Assistant Costume Designer